Monday, May 21, 2012

Loving and Caring.

love is my last strength...

i miss all the moment with someone that i loved...
it was very sweet moment, 
with a full moonlight..

that night.....
when i walked beside her..
i have a romantic conversation.
with her,

i saw she smiling at me,
and she keep staring into my eyes..
i felt like that day was the most happiest day in my life.

when i hold her hand,
my heart beat become faster and faster..

when i saw another boys walking infront of us,
my hand will be automaticly hold tight her hand..

she just smile at me...

when she saw another girls was walking in a group,
with a sexy dress, she close my eyes from looking at them..
and she pulled me away from them...

we have a dinner together..

time was running so fast..
the night was getting late..

then when i sent her back home,

i felt very weird, she keep to be more closer and closer to me..
she hold my arm all the time..

when we had arrived at her home,
i'm walking with her to the door,
i said "thanks for everything... i felt so happy with u.. and i want u to know that
i love u so much.."

then, she being so quiet..
i thought that i have made a mistake..

then i said,
"it's ok.. i won mind.. take care.. love u so much.. it's time for me to go home."

when i trying to turn and walk away,
suddenly she pulled my hand,
then, she hug me,
i saw her eyes sparkling..

slowly, she kiss me...
she close her eyes...
then, she whisper near to my ear,
"yes darling.. i love u 2, and i love u more.. i want to be always with u..
today, i feel so happy.. i just hope, we will be together and ever.. "

then i know,
her love hard to be describe in a word, that's why she prefer to keep in silent,
the way she hug and kiss me, i realized that she really love me..

goodnight my sweetheart.....
that's why i love her so much..

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